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- The Directory -

Our international network of hotels and resorts, from Abu Dhabi to Astana, Macao to Mumbai, plus our St. Regis Atlas Guide – to help you make the most of your stay

- House of Astor -

Meet five game-changers who are breaking new ground in their respective fields – from fashion to architecture – channeling the pioneering spirit of St. Regis founder, John Jacob Astor IV

- Family -

A new generation of factual books for children, which combine ultra-stylish design with an imaginative approach, is bringing serious and sometimes sensitive subjects to life

- Culture -

With iconic museums like the Louvre and the Guggenheim opening shiny new outposts in China and the Middle East, we look at the appeal of this bold new form of cultural exchange

Rose Wylie, courtesy the artist and David Zwirner

- Wellness -

According to the experts, building up your physical strength can bring with it all kinds of unexpected benefits, from reducing feelings of anxiety to boosting your energy levels

- Art -

Despite only starting her career as an artist in her late forties, Rose Wylie is now a major force in the art world. Her thought-provoking paintings offer a fresh perspective on fairy tales

–Food –

No longer dismissed as mere “sides", vegetables like cauliflower and kale are increasingly being treated as the main event on the menus of leading restaurants around the globe

- Food -

Dane Fernandes, executive chef at The St. Regis Mumbai, reveals his culinary heroes and how growing up in the former Portuguese colony of Goa has influenced his cooking style

- St. Regis Events -

Snapshots from our glamorous events around the globe, including the glittering opening of The St. Regis Venice and the St. Regis Scent Dinner

- A Life in Seven Journeys -

The Karachi-based writer recalls seven journeys that have shaped her life and work